where hope grows

I must rebuild hope. I can’t live without it.  Without hope a soul withers and dies. So where does hope come from when we can’t see it, feel it? Hope comes from the promises of God. I can have hope because I know these promises to be true. And there are over 6000 promises in the Word of God.  That’s a lot of promises, that’s a lot of  hope.

When life doesn’t make sense and everything in the world seems broken, we must hold onto those promises of God. What do we do when hope lets us down, when hopes are dashed, when life doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would? We must hold fast to  the promises of God.

Sure, we could curse God, accuse Him of being a fake and a phony.  We could blame ourselves, and give God a way out. Or we could walk by sight alone and remain miserable and confused. No! I choose hope.

When my world seems to collide with the promises of God, I am left with a mystery. When what I know and see here doesn’t seem to match up with those promises, what should I do? Look to the promises of God, stand on them, believe them…that is where the seedling of hope is planted, grows.  Hope survives by looking at the promises not the circumstances.  We will not always, right now, have answers, be able to make sense of things.  But that shouldn’t leave us without hope. All that I know of God contained in His promises birth hope, grow hope within me, make soul survival possible.

God promises He loves me; hope grows.

God promises he loves Grant; hope grows.

God promises He will never leave me or forsake me; hope grows.

God promises to bring rest to a weary and burdened soul; hope grows.

God promises there is purpose and meaning in this suffering, and He will be glorified through it; hope grows.

He gives power to the weak, strength to the powerless; hope grows

God promises to provide all of my needs and that nothing will ever separate me from His love; hope grows.

He has comforted in the darkest of times; hope grows.

God is for me, for Grant; hope grows.

Weeping may last for the night, but God promises joy is coming in the morning; hope grows.

God promises resurrection, this isn’t the end of the story; hope grows.

As believers in Christ, Grant and I are heirs to the 6000 promises of God. And God’s promises are as deeds already done giving birth to hope, growing hope.

Hope doesn’t come from thinking about happy moments on earth, but Holy moments in Heaven, where all of God’s promises are fulfilled. I will look to those promises and let hope grow…

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1 Response to where hope grows

  1. Judi Schleiden says:

    Once again Alisa you have hit the core of my soul. When we have Christ and trust His promises hopes grows. It amazes me too that when we trust Him and wait on Him those blessing come. And sometimes we aren’t very quick to recognize them as blessings. This is one of the areas I’ve been asking God to help me be keenly aware of and to quickly thank Him and praise Him for them. When we live in praise, our daily attitude changes. Love what God is doing in you Alisa, your obedience to Him is so evident. Love you dear friend!

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