is christ enough

I hear myself sing, Christ is enough.  I hear those around, sing and watch them lift hands to the Lord, Christ is my reward. Christ is enough for me. I ponder, wonder anew as I almost whisper the last stanza, “Everything I need is in you.”

That was so easy to sing when I had everything I wanted. I would often wonder if I really meant it.  How do you know unless tested? Could I sing it if things were not as I wanted them to be? Could I lift hands if things were worse than I could have imagined? Is Christ enough in the dead of night when sadness robs sleep? Is Christ enough when there are 3 instead of 4? Will Christ be enough tomorrow when I am forced to live through another grueling day without him?

Yes, He will be. I have learned that Christ is enough because, He is everything I need.  He is not everything I want, dreamed of, longed for, but need, yes. So I can say with assurance today, Christ is enough. And because of Christ, there is no pain on Earth, that Heaven doesn’t heal!

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