not why, who

If I fix my gaze on who God is, fix my gaze on what Christ has done, the “why” questions melt away. They don’t matter as much when I look at them standing in the shadow of the cross. Instead of asking “why” I try everyday to ask God, “who”, who are you? I cannot comprehend the “why’s” now, here. And even if I had the answers, I would still be broken and sad.

But knowing “who”, who God is, I can live without knowing why. I will know the why’s someday, and it will all make since. However, I don’t need to know “why” today. Today I just need to know “who” For me, the “why’s” are settled in the “who” He is.

Instead of just being comfortable with God because I have a comfortable life, I now know that it’s the pain and trials of life, the uncomfortable, that shows me God. The true God. True intimacy with Him. Utter dependence and trust. And knowing “who” helps me to live without answers to the “why’s.”

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