I had a full life. Full of laughter. Full of joy. Full of hopes and dreams. Now, at times, life feels empty. A deep devastating emptiness devoid of purpose. Empty promises. Empty arms. Empty place at the table. Empty spot on vacations. Empty hopes and dreams.

But today I was reminded that sometimes empty can actually be good. God can use my emptiness. He fills emptiness with his power and life and strength.  Emptiness can be good when I come to Jesus to be filled.

When my life was full, it was easy to forget my need for Jesus. A full life made it hard to see my desperate need to be filled with Jesus daily. The need was always there, but I didn’t always hunger and thirst for Christ as I should have, because I felt full.  I was filled up, satiated with the world’s cuisine, satisfied.

But in this empty place, void of my resources, my strength, my ability to fix things, it is easy to see my need to be filled with Jesus.  Emptied by this devastating loss in my life, Christ’s power can move in and fill the emptiness. He can fill me with contentment when life doesn’t give me what I think I need and deserve. He can fill me with joy in the midst of crushing sadness. He can fill me with rest when turmoil fights to be my constant companion. He can fill me with His strength to endure whatever comes my way.

Is it possible to find peace in a place of such emptiness? It seems incomprehensible! And it will be, unless I fill my emptiness with Jesus. Oh Lord, fill my emptiness and void with the love and power of Christ today.  Show me He really is enough for a full life. Help my heart to apprehend the truth that Jesus can fill the empty spaces.

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