his guarantee

I read this recently, “I cannot imagine living the Christian life on any other basis than this. If the Father loves me so much that He did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up to be crucified for me, no further guarantee is needed of His wholehearted and permanent commitment to me and to my blessing.”

Whatever has happened to me, to Grant, must be seen in that light. Yes, my deepest fear became a reality. No, I do not understand what God is doing in and to my life. At times He may seem to be hiding His face from me. And yes, my heart is broken and will carry the scar to my last day. I now “walk with a limp” as a friend refers to it…and I will never  be the same.

But I can trust the One who demonstrated His great love for me.  When I was helpless in my sin, He sent Christ to die for me. Yes, He proved His love for me, for Grant, on the day of Calvary. I must look at every other day, the tragic, the dark, the hopeless, thru the lens of Calvary’s day, or my view will be skewed.

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