grace by the way

“Let us mark well this lesson. If we are true Christians, we must not expect everything smooth in our journey to heaven. We must count it no strange thing, if we have to endure sicknesses, losses, bereavements, and disappointments, just like other men. Free pardon and full forgiveness, grace by the way and glory at the end—all this our Savior has promised to give. But he has never promised that we shall have no afflictions. He loves us too well to promise that. By affliction he teaches us many precious lessons, which without it we should never learn. By affliction he shows us our emptiness and weakness, draws us to the throne of grace, purifies our affections, weans us from this world, makes us long for heaven. In the resurrection morning we shall say, ‘it is good for me that I was afflicted.’ We shall thank God for every storm.”

~J. C. Ryle

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2 Responses to grace by the way

  1. Judi Schleiden says:

    What a gentle reminder of how much God loves us. Just like we discipline our children God does the same for us. I am thankful for what God has taught me through my times of afflictions. Things that I never would have learned. Hard to do – we shall thank God for every storm, but if we didn’t we would be back to square one and would be wallowing in our own self pity! Thank you Jesus for what you are teaching Alisa and myself. Love you girl. I think I need a list of all the books you have been reading!!!!

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