the end

I desperately want to know how this ends.  When will happy be my default again?  When will I be able to get thru a day without crying? Ten years from now, when I look back on this, will I be better for it, more in love with God, have a stinger more steadfast faith?  I am the one who sometimes reads the end of a book to make sure it has a happy ending.  I don’t even watch a movie if I know it ends sadly.  I want the happily ever after in my stories. But is happily ever after just a cruel lie perpetuated by fairy tales?

So will this thing I call life, end in happily ever after?  I want to know how this things turn out.  I want to know the ending! I yearn for answers to so many of life’s unknowns.  Will I carry this dark part of me the rest of my life? Or will light break thru and over come the dark crevices? Will I have happiness without the pangs of sadness someday again? Will I see the goodness of God in this situation, this side of Heaven? Will I ever be able to smile, when thinking of Grant, without a tear stained face?

Obviously, I do not have the answers to any of these questions today and countless others I can think of.  However, I do not need the answers in order to have peace and contentment. I may not have the answers to specific questions I ponder, but I do not need them in order to find satisfaction with the ending of this story I call my life.  My soul is reassured this morning as I ponder the ending of my personal story.  You see, it has already been written and God, its author, has let me in on the conclusion, that final page of my book of life.  This story, my story, ends with this.  “And she lived happily ever after with her Savior, in Glory!” The End

So regardless of the answers to all of my questions, regardless of the twists and turns the plot may take, regardless of how hard life can be, I know this story, my story, ultimately, has a happy ending; when God writes your story there is always a happily ever after!  And because of that, I  grieve with hope today…

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2 Responses to the end

  1. Shannon K. says:

    I just love you. The end.

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