1 year ago today


24 years, 325 days, was not enough time.  But in the end, we have infinitely more days together than apart…broken hearted, missing you, grateful.  Life now, will always be lived with opposing emotions…

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3 Responses to 1 year ago today

  1. Joyce Milner says:

    Oh Lis, I remember when you brought Grant to visit us in Texas and we went sailing. And we went to the beach and he fed the seagulls. I treasure those memories. Thinking of all of you on this sad anniversary. Love you

  2. Rachel Burnett says:

    Mrs. McCormick,
    I am a good friend of Josh Hoyt and had the honor of knowing Grant for just a few short months. I remember the first time I head about Grant and how great he was. And I remember the first time I met Grant. We were having dinner together with some friends and I ended up talking to him for most of it. We bonded quickly talking about our love for Spain. Although it was easy to pick up that he was incredibly intelligent, driven, and successful, something about his humility made it so easy to talk to him. Another evening, we spent at Grant and Josh’s house, just enjoying time together. Grant was quick to serve and host us. It was comforting to have him around. When we heard about the tragedy of losing Grant, my closest friends and I spent the evening just sitting in grief and prayer. And on this evening, I continue to grieve the loss of your son, a wonderful and bright light in this world. Although I have never met your family, I pray the comfort of the Holy Spirit over you tonight and some revelation of the truth that Grant’s spirit continues to shine brightly. Thank you for your testimony and your faithfulness to God. It is encouraging more people than you will ever know.

    • Alisa says:


      There simply are not words in the English language that can express what your message meant to me. I have read it over and over, and have cried while reading it, and I hold it’s message close to my heart. I Have printed everything anyone has ever written to me about Grant. Memories of him, things people did with him, what they miss, etc and I keep them in a special box. On those hard days when I miss him so much I can barely breathe, I go to the box and read of his legacy. Your precious note will now live in the box. Thank you thank you for this incredible gift you have given a grieving mother you do not even know. Hugs

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