glenn’s response

My hubby responded publicly to my “spoon” post.  He reads every post, and never misses an opportunity to encourage me and to let me know he has read it. But this time he left a public comment.  I was undone, it was precious, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Also, I didn’t want it buried in the comment section. His sweet, life giving, soul nurturing words, needed their own place on the wall.  I love you more than life Glenn Brian McCormick!

“We will dig together for the rest of our earthly lives even though we have no hope of completing the task. The mountain is too big because of our great love for Grant; there is a direct correlation between the quantum of our love for Grant and the size of that mountain. The good news is that even though that mountain will ever loom before us in this earthly life, one day our grief will be over. One day we will be reunited. And as you have said in other posts, those days, the ones after we are reunited with Grant in Heaven, will vastly exceed the number of days we spend apart from Grant. I can’t wait for these days to seem like a hiccup, breath, or fleeting moment. Until then, we will press on together.”

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1 Response to glenn’s response

  1. Tonya says:

    Encouraging words from a man who always speak with wisdom. So grateful you have each other.

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