one truth at a time

As I walk through year number two I have made a discovery. Maybe because of the pain, maybe because of the weariness of body and soul, I am not sure.  But I have discovered God rarely uses massive amounts of information at a time to change me.  Rather he uses one truth at a time.  One truth a day, a week, a month. As I seek to remember and attach one scriptural truth to one tear, one memory, one longing, it makes a difference. When I try to take it all in, or apply everything I know to the most current sorrow, it is overwhelming. But if I am careful to attach one gospel truth to one circumstance, situation, or sorrow, it has an impact. By taking it a spoonful at a time, it can penetrate the dark crevices and make its way to my heart, as I attach one truth of God to one moment of my life.

There truly are no unattached moments or events in life.  Rather, all of life is woven together as fabric is; an intricate weaving of thousands of strands intertwined to create a beautiful piece of cloth.  Everything we do and say has spiritual ramifications and God’s word has something to say about them, if we are willing to shine His light upon them.  There truly are no unattached moments; God is in the details of our lives! And as we attach a truth to each tiny detail, our faith will grow as the cloth grows on the weaver’s loom.

I believe most of our problems come from a failure to use and apply the gospel in a radical way.  Our tendency is to think that our problems are the circumstances that surround us.  The circumstances however, are opportunities.  Each trial, circumstance, and situation of life is an opportunity to live out gospel truths in the day-to-day.  Living with Grant’s death, knowing God could have prevented it, forces me to live what I say I believe. And as I learn to connect one bit of scripture to one bit of life, a tear at a time, I will grow in my walk with Christ.  As I learn to connect one relevant truth about my redeemer, to one sorrow or lost dream in my life, my faith is  strengthened.

Grieving with hope…


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