before and after

My life is divided into before and after now.  I now know, I can continue to live. But life will never be the same, never.  It will now forever be divided into before and after. Our family will have to restructure itself. We now have a gap inside us individually, and together a gap among us. We have to learn to live around the gap.  At every gathering, Grant’s absence will be as present as any one of us there; His silence as loud as any voice spoken. Before and after; a life now divided.

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2 Responses to before and after

  1. Millie Lassiter says:

    I grieve with u to a point as I have only almost lost a Grandbaby and I felt I couldnot bear to go on and also for his parents. I think of you in the wee hours of the day and pray God somehow comes to you and your precious children in peace, comfort, assurance, and mend your broken heart, but never to forget His gift of Grant and the spirit of God that indwelled your son. Thank you for sharing this journey, you are teaching us how to walk in an honest way and to weep for you as a Mom. We are on the same road , of same faith in Jesus. Hugs to all. Millie Lassiter

    • Alisa says:

      Millie, thank you thank you for your prayers and thank you for walking this road with us. By doing so we feel your love, and are so grateful ❤

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