On the way to Grant’s Memorial Service, God brought peace in the strangest way. We all sat in complete silence, wondering how we were going to make it thru this day. We sat waiting for a red light to turn green, when a motorcyclist pulled up next to us in the right lane.  It took our breath away. But before any of us could say a word, a dump truck pulled up right next to us on the other side. There we were flanked on either side with a motorcycle and its rider on one side and a looming gigantic dump truck on the other.

 We have never seen a dump truck on that main road before. And I highly doubt we ever will again. There was zero doubt in the mind of everyone in that car, that what we were seeing was a sign from The Lord. God was with us, helping us, sustaining us. God was with Grant, now, and on that fateful Saturday afternoon, when his motorcycle collided with a dump truck. God will never leave nor forsake any of us. We will never have satisfactory answers, this side of Heaven, to all of  our “why” questions. But that does not mean, will never mean, that God has abandoned us, or left us alone in our suffering.

 No, he is flanking us, on either side, holding us up, helping us thru, guiding our path to intersect with His providential plan for all of our lives. We all looked to the right, then to the left, and knew immediately, what the enemy meant for evil that morning (and on the day of Grant’s accident) the Lord meant for good. God brought peace that morning, on the way to the service, where Satan meant to destroy our faith. It was Satan’s attempt to inflict pain and cause us to turn away from God with resentment. But God used it as a picture of His flanking us where ever we are, what ever we’re walking thru, and caused us to turn towards Him in utter dependence. God will bring peaceable fruit out of this tragedy. God will cause all things to work together for good. God is to the right of us and to the left of us, flanking us; satan will not destroy.

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