no where else to turn

This tragedy has made God bigger, more real. It seems like the opposite would be true. It seems like tragedy would drive a wedge between God and I, make me question His existence, question the reality of my faith! But I have more faith in God today than I did 14 months ago; seems weird, I know.  It seems weird to even me, and I am living it.

God took my son. And I would turn somewhere else for comfort if I could just to spite Him. But you see, this has taught me, shown me beyond a shadow of doubt, there is no where else to turn! I have looked, I have tried to find comfort in other things. But there is no where else to go. God is real. I have never been more certain of this in my 35 years as a Christian.

So God is bigger today, more real than He’s ever been. You see, when you’re left with no where else to turn, it’s then that you realize there is no where else to turn. I must turn to God or be lost.

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